3D live venue for gamified music and arts performances


Yabal is an innovative 3D game world that revolutionizes live music and performance experiences by enabling artists to perform live as avatars for global audiences. Utilizing cutting-edge motion capture technology and advanced avatar systems, Yabal creates an intimate and immersive environment where artists and players, share a virtual space, fostering a sense of connection and unity. By blending music, arts, and gaming, Yabal establishes a strong community, reminiscent of the camaraderie found at renowned festivals like Coachella, consisting of passionate enthusiasts who seek a more accessible, sustainable, and engaging alternative to traditional live events. Furthermore, Yabal leverages web3 technologies and NFTs to reward early community members and investors, ensuring a decentralized and dynamic ecosystem for the platform's future success.


  1. Oversaturated market: With countless musicians and content creators vying for attention, it can be difficult for both emerging and established artists to stand out and engage with their target audience.

  2. Limited interaction: Traditional platforms like social media and streaming services provide limited opportunities for genuine interaction between artists and fans, often reducing engagement to simple likes, comments, or views.

  3. Geographical barriers: Attending live events can be challenging for fans due to geographical restrictions, travel costs, or limited ticket availability, which prevents them from experiencing intimate connections with their favorite artists.

  4. Impersonal live streams: Although live video streams provide some access to live performances, they lack the interactive and immersive elements that create a genuine, shared experience between artists and fans.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, artists and fans face several challenges when it comes to building meaningful connections

By addressing these challenges, Yabal aims to foster stronger connections between artists and their audience, bridging the gap and enhancing the overall music experience.


As a 3D game world, Yabal enables artists to perform live as avatars for a global audience, eliminating the need for extensive travel. By utilizing motion capture technology, artists breathe life into their avatars in real-time, creating an intimate and immersive experience reminiscent of an in-person event.

Audiences can join the virtual venue with their own avatars, moving freely and interacting with their surroundings while enjoying the live concert. This dynamic environment offers various activities and games for attendees to engage with during the performance, further enhancing their experience. Through Yabal, artists and audiences can connect in a more environmentally friendly and accessible way, fostering a sense of community and shared experience while reducing the financial and ecological burdens associated with traditional live events.

The game world

Yabal is an enthralling game world that transports you into a vibrant 3D environment reminiscent of Fortnite's eye-catching aesthetic. Currently featuring one realm, the Island, this open-world playground is designed to captivate both artists and fans alike. As musicians perform in the center as towering avatars, players can explore, discover prime viewing spots, and participate in exciting mini-games. Yabal's world is ever-evolving, with plans to develop and introduce new realms that further enhance the unique and immersive experiences that set it apart.

Concert production

At Yabal, producing unforgettable live concerts is an art form. Artists arrive at our state-of-the-art Berlin studio a few hours before the concert begins, where they don a motion capture suit to transform their real-life movements into captivating in-game performances. Our team meticulously sets up the audio, often utilizing backing tracks while the artists sing live, though we have also facilitated full band setups with drums, guitars, synths, and more. To enhance the connection between artists and their virtual audience, the Yabal world is displayed on a large screen during the concert, enabling seamless interaction and creating a truly immersive experience for both performers and fans. Experience the magic of live music reimagined, only at Yabal.


Yabal adopts a proactive approach to sourcing artists, focusing on discovering young talents and newcomers who can bring fresh energy and creativity to the platform. Our team actively seeks out jam groups and hip-hop cyphers, identifying promising performers that can be featured in Yabal's virtual events.

In addition to scouting for emerging talent, we also collaborate with established record labels, offering them a novel way for their artists to tap into audiences within the gaming community. This unique approach not only provides artists with an alternative avenue for fan engagement but also bridges the gap between the worlds of music and gaming, creating a diverse and dynamic experience for Yabal community members.

By combining grassroots talent discovery with strategic partnerships, Yabal curates an eclectic mix of artists and performances that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences, fostering a vibrant and thriving virtual live event ecosystem.

Competitive advantage

Live animation to create high intimacy

Yabal's competitive advantage lies in its unique approach to in-game concerts, setting it apart from other virtual platforms. Unlike pre-recorded performances, Yabal offers live shows, facilitated by cutting-edge motion capture and advanced avatar technology. This allows artists to come to life within the game, providing an unparalleled intimate experience for both the performers and their audiences.

A key element of Yabal's appeal is the shared virtual space in which artists and fans can interact. This fosters a sense of connection and unity, similar to the atmosphere of a live concert or event in the real world. By combining live performances with immersive, interactive environments, Yabal successfully captures the essence of traditional live events, while also offering the convenience and accessibility of a digital platform.

As a result, Yabal distinguishes itself from competitors, providing a truly engaging and memorable experience for artists and audiences alike, as they come together in a shared virtual space to celebrate the power and magic of live music and performances.

Community Building

Our approach to building a community at Yabal is inspired by the strong sense of camaraderie and shared experience found at renowned festivals like Coachella. We seek to unite people who share a passion for music, arts, and gaming, cultivating a diverse and vibrant community eager to explore new dimensions of live events. By offering a platform where fans can come together in a virtual space, we create opportunities for them to connect, interact, and form lasting bonds during live concerts.

These shared experiences foster a unique intimacy between the artist and their audience, allowing for more profound connections and a deeper appreciation of the performance. At Yabal, we believe that by nurturing a strong community, we can elevate the live event experience to new heights, where music, arts, and gaming enthusiasts from around the world can come together and celebrate their passions in an inclusive and innovative virtual environment.

Our approach to community building also incorporates cutting-edge web3 technologies. We have created an exclusive OG Avatar Collection for early community members, consisting of 5,555 unique 3D avatars that are fully playable in Yabal. Ownership of these OG passes and avatars grants users free access to Yabal's concerts and events forever, regardless of the scale of future performances.

In addition to perpetual access, OG owners can participate in a play-to-earn system. When they attend concerts in Yabal, they receive rewards in the form of MATIC tokens at the end of the event. As the OG Avatar Collection is an NFT collection created on the Polygon blockchain, these assets can be traded on platforms like OpenSea and other marketplaces.

This approach offers early community members and investors in Yabal a unique opportunity to actively participate in the platform's future success. By integrating web3 technologies, we aim to create a dynamic, decentralized ecosystem that rewards and empowers our most dedicated supporters while fostering a strong sense of community and shared ownership in Yabal's growth and development.

As the active Yabal community of players continues to grow, our platform becomes increasingly attractive for artists seeking to perform live. This expanding user base offers performers an extensive audience, providing them with greater opportunities for exposure and fan engagement. As more artists join the Yabal platform, they contribute to a diverse and dynamic lineup of live events, further enriching the experience for our community members. The symbiotic relationship between the growth of the Yabal community and the increasing number of artists on the platform creates a thriving ecosystem where both artists and fans can benefit from a diverse and engaging virtual live event experience.


Yabal is developed in Unreal Engine 4.27 currently supporting Windows 10 and 11. For backend we use AWS Gamelift and custom developed microservices deployed in a kubernetes cluster.

Our avatar broadcasting technology (to let the artists appear as avatars in real-time in the game) is a custom development.

Business model

We will sell character, skins and season passes.

Current State

Currently, Yabal is available for Windows gaming PCs, with a strong emphasis on high-fidelity graphics to deliver an immersive and visually stunning experience for players. At the moment, we organize one concert per week on Wednesdays at 8pm CET, providing a consistent schedule for our growing community to enjoy live performances. You can check out upcoming concerts here and artists performed live in Yabal already (the list is not yet complete. We have had over 50 artistsalready) here:

As we continue to develop and refine our platform, we are in the process of onboarding the OG community. These early members will play a vital role in shaping the future of Yabal, contributing to its success and participating in exclusive benefits such as perpetual access to concerts and the play-to-earn system.

With a clear focus on delivering high-quality virtual live events and engaging a dedicated community of music, arts, and gaming enthusiasts, Yabal is well-positioned to expand its offerings and continue revolutionizing the live performance landscape.



At Yabal, our vision is to revolutionize the live music and performance industry by becoming the world's largest all-year-long virtual music & arts festival, with over 1 million weekly active players attending concerts and shows. By generating more than $100 million in revenue from game passes, unique characters, and advertising, Yabal aims to establish itself as a major player in the entertainment sector. As the number one launchpad for artists seeking to reach international audiences, Yabal will provide unparalleled exposure and opportunities for growth, fostering a thriving community of performers and fans alike. Through our innovative platform, we aspire to redefine the live event experience, making it more accessible, sustainable, and engaging than ever before.

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