Server/Space Management

Server Management and Space Management capabilities of the Artist Client

NOTE: Server Management is only available if you are logged into your creator account! To open the space management menu of the artist client click on the "Server" menu entry.

Once the Server Menu is open you get a overview over you servers. The Menu is divided into two separate portions: the "Create Server" and "Your Spaces" portions.

Launching Servers

To Launch a server simply adjust the settings to your liking (or leave them as the default) and click on the "Launch" Button. You can also use the text box right next to the "Launch" button to specify an amount of servers to launch simultaneously (1-5). If you Launch more than 1 server at the same time (>1 in the text box) the servers will get a number appended on the name you chose in the settings (<ServerName>, <ServerName>-2,...).

Server Overview

In the "Your Spaces" Section of the menu you get an overview over all your launched servers/spaces and the number of users on each of them. To refresh the list simply press "Refresh". You also have the ability to tick the "Auto" option which will automatically refresh the server list every x seconds. X can be defined using the text box right underneath the check box. Also the Server Button you use to open the menu gives you a condensed overview over the state of your spaces it will show you information in the following format <Current Total Number of Users in your Spaces> / < Current Maximum number of users in your Spaces > (Current Number of your Spaces)

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