Your first live stream

Follow these steps to stream live to Yabal, Twitch etc.

  1. Download all of the applications mentioned in Download apps.

  2. Open your mocap app and start streaming

  3. Start Artist client app

    1. Login with your account (top right corner)

    2. Open the "Animation Stream" tab in the top left corner

    3. Make sure the correct number of Artists is added to the list and "Remove" uneeded Artists or select "Add Artist" to add new ones

    4. For each Actor enter the "Actor" name. If you are using Ready Player Me as you character please enter the Actor name in the format "RPM_[RpmID]" replacing [RpmID] with the RPM id of your character

    5. Under "Skeleton Settings" make sure you select the matching Skeleton (if using RPM select "RPM" and enter the RPM ID in the text field underneath)

    6. Now select the Animation streams you want to cast for each Actor (Body/Face) and provide the required information.

    7. The "Capture Source" should match your Motion Capture solution and the LiveLink Subject needs to match the Actor/Object ID inside of your Motion Capture Software.

    8. For Facial Motion Capture you need the "LiveLink Face" IOS app and set it uo to stream the facial mocap data to the (local) IP of the Computer running the "Artist Client". The "LiveLink Subject Face" needs to match the name specified in the LiveLink Face App.

    9. Once everything is filled out hit "Apply" and wait for the RPM character to load into view.

    10. You should now see the Actor moving around in sync with your mocap application.

    11. Do this process for all the actors (max 2) you want to stream.

    12. Once you want to start the Animation Stream hit "Start Stream" to start the streaming.

    13. Only Actors that are set to "Online" will be Streamed into the world now. Hit the button that says "Offline" to toggle a Actors stream status.

    14. Now select the "Audio Stream" tab.

    15. Select you Audio Source and hit the "Start Audio Streamer" button.

    16. A new window should be open now and automatically connect to our streaming server.

    17. BEWARE: Everything received on the selected Audio Source will now be streamed into the world! Make sure you mute audio (like Microphones) if you dont want them to be heard in the world!

    18. You are now Setup for the stream!

  4. Open Yabal launcher

    1. Make sure you have downloaded the content for your space (click on content in the left top corner and add if needed)

    2. Click Start

    3. Skip ticket

    4. Enter your login credentials of your creator account

    5. Select your space and click connect

    6. Choose either base/admin or camdirector (see overview Yabal app for more details Yabal app (Win))

    7. If you chose base/admin click on Enter the party to enter your space and start walking to see your character moving

    8. If you chose camdirector you will see the different camera perspectives. More about camdirector, please read Camdirector

  5. Start your Stream with OBS

    1. Open OBS

    2. You need to have Spout2 installed and use this as a video capturing source

  6. Modify your space and character during the stream

    1. Open Yabal Creator Studio -

    2. Login with your creator account credentials

    3. Click on Show Control in the left menu

    4. You can now click on these buttons to change the style of your character and the appearance of your space.

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