Here is a list of apps you need to download or use to get started.


Yabal is the app you will use to see your character in your Yabal space together with other fans as avatars. Yabal is also the app your fans need to download to join your space during a stream with their own avatar.

You can use Yabal in two modes:

  • Regular gameplay mode - (Choose Basic/Admin) In this mode you will be able to join with a fan avatar into your space. You can freely walk around and do everything your fans can also do in the space.

  • Camdirector - (Choose Cam Director) In this view you see different camera perspectives you can choose from for your livestream. For more information please see section Livestreaming with OBS.

Artist client (Win)

This application receives the motion data from your mocap software (i.e. Rokoko Studio, MVN) and streams it into Yabal.

Audio streaming client (Win)

This application connects with your audio interface / sound source and streams your audio into your Yabal space.

Yabal Face cap app (iOS)

This app scans your face to mirror your facial expressions to your avatar.

Yabal Creator Studio (Web)

This app helps you manage your space, create events and tickets etc. It’s alpha, so it will change a lot and might not always work perfectly.

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