Twitch Setup

How to Setup and use the Yabal-Twitch Integration

This guide will help you setup and use the Twitch integration provided by the Yabal Artist Client.


1. Logging into Twitch

The first step to connect your yabal space to your Twitch Channel is to log into Twitch inside the Artist Client. To do that proceed as follows.

  1. Your Default Web-Browser will open and ask you to sign into twitch (if you are not already signed in)

  2. DONE! Your Twitch account is now connected to your Yabal Space! You need to repeat steps 1-3 and 6 each time you start your stream! NOTE: The "Twitch:" Menu Button displays the current twitch state (Online/Offline) NOTE 2: To Close the menu item just click on the same menu again IMPORTANT: To receive Twitch event inside your space you still need to log into your Yabal Creator Account as normal!!

2. The Cheers Window

As soon as you have Logged in to Twitch a new Window will open - The Cheers Window. Here you will monitor and manager your cheers and associated Events/Actions.


  • Cheer: A Bundled amount of Bits send in your Channel Chat by a User

  • Action: An Action is the specific thing you want to happen in the world.

  • Event: An Event is triggered by a User sending a Cheer with a pre-defined amount of Bits and event contains an x-amount of Actions.


The "Cheers-Tab" will show you all incoming cheers and will allow you to approve Actions you don't want to automatically execute.

Going over all the Information you get here

  • The Timestamp: When was this cheer received in format HH.MM.SS-DD.MM.YYYY

  • The Username: Following directly after the Timestamp you can find the username of the User who cheered the bits (in the picture this would be "User1")

  • Bit Amount Cheered: The Amount of Bits the User send with the Cheer (in our case 120 Bits)

  • Message: The Message the User send with the Cheer (in our case "I just cheered 120 Bits")

  • Requested Actions: Here you can find a list of Actions associated with the Event triggered by cheering the specific Bit amount (in our case 120). In our case the requested Actions are "Auto Approved Test Action" and "Test Action"

  • Approval State: on the right side you can see the Approval State of the Actions. "Approved!" indicated that the actions were already executed while the absence of the text indicates that no actions were executed automatically. This could mean that either there were no actions to execute OR that the actions require approval by you! in the latter case the Button "Approve All" will be visible. A Combination of both the text string "Approved!" and the Button "Approve All" indicated that some actions where automatically approved while some require dedicated approval.

  • "Approve All"-Button: This Button will Approve all non-approved Actions on this cheer.

  • "Show"(/"Hide")-Button: Hitting the "Show"-Button will open a detailed view of the requested actions and their approval state. Here you can Approve a Specific Action. The "Hide"-Button will hide the Detail view again.


In this Tab of the "Cheers"-Window you are able to define actions to execute in the Yabal world.

An Action consists of the following Settings:

  • Name: The Name of this action

  • Description: A Description for this action

  • Action Command: The command that should be executed when this Action is approved. NOTE: This basically equates to sending a chat message in yabal! This means you can also automatically send chat messages (to yabal) when receiving Cheers. NOTE: A List of possible commands will be provided later.

  • Auto Approve: Either Auto Approve this action or require manual approval

You can create a new Action by clicking on the "New Action"-Button in the top right corner.

To Save changes to an Action you must ALWAYS HIT THE SAVE BUTTON.

Bit Events

In this Tab of the "Cheers"-Window you can setup your Bit Events and associate Actions with the amount of Bits Cheered."

A Bit Event consists of the following Settings:

  • Event Name: The Name of this Event

  • Bits Required: The (EXACT!!) amount of Bits required to trigger this event

  • Mapped Actions: The Actions associated with this event.

    • For each "Mapped Action" you can select one of your defined Actions

    • You can Add Actions by clicking the "+" Button at the bottom of the Mapped Actions list.

    • You can remove a Mapped Actions by clicking the "-"-Button next to a Mapped Action in the list

  • "Remove"-Button: By clicking this Button you can remove this Event

  • "New Event"-Button: Allows you to define a new Event.


3. The Chat Window

This Window allows you to follow your Twitch and Yabal Space chat and send message (for now yabal only).

You can choose the filter mode by clicking on the corresponding option at the top:

  1. "All": Will show all Chat message from any Source

  2. "Twitch": Will only show chat messages received from Twitch

  3. "Yabal": Will only show chat messages received from Yabal

  4. "Filter Commands": Should Commands be filterd? (Default: "Yes"). NOTE: It is recommended to leave this option on for 99% of cases)

Anatomy of a Message:

A Chat Message consists of 3 parts:

  • Source Indicator: The first part of a Message shows you where this message came from

    • [Y] = Yabal

    • [T] = Twitch

  • Username: This is the Username (Display name for Twitch) of the user that send this message

  • Message Content: This is the actual message send by the user.

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